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Mother-Friendly Business Designation

Information for Health Care Providers

Healthcare providers play an essential role in providing education and support for breastfeeding families. Please explore our website to find information about breastfeeding resources in the region and on the web as well as tools for making your practice breastfeeding-friendly.

  1. Learn more about breastfeeding - free of charge:
  2. Recommend breastfeeding and refer patients to classes, support groups, and other resourcs:
  3. Educate patients about breastfeeding in your practice:
  4. Create a breastfeeding-friendly practice environment by eliminating advertising of breastmilk substitutes and providing a comfortable and private space for nursing mothers
  5. Work towards establishing a written breastfeeding policy for your practice and train staff in its implementation:
  6. Learn more about worksite lactation support programs and the benefits of supporting breastfeeding employees:
  7. Check out the Resources tab for more Breastfeeding Links to online information and tools, resources Especially for Healthcare Providers, and Downloads assembled by our coalition members. Please email us through the website (see Contact Us) or through our facebook group if you would like to join BABE.