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Mother-Friendly Business Designation

Mother-Friendly Business Designation

To apply for the Mother-Friendly Business Designation:

  1. Ensure that the policies and practices of your business are meeting (or exceeding) state laws.
  2. Fill out and submit this form.
Person Completing Application
Business Information

Please provide the mailing address of the business.

Please provide the physical address of the business. If the physical address is the same as the mailing address, click the button to automatically fill in the physical address.


Business Description
In 250 words or less please describe how your business policies and practices are meeting or exceeding current TN state breastfeeding laws.


I pledge to provide a welcoming environment where breastfeeding mothers are able to sit anywhere and enjoy a welcoming attitude from staff, management and other customers while breastfeeding.

Staff are knowledgeable on how to handle complaints about breastfeeding. Staff and concerned customers will be informed that breastfeeding in public is protected by Tennessee Law (TCA 68-58-101) and that this business welcomes breastfeeding patrons.

Our organization strives to maintain an atmosphere that supports employees who choose to breastfeed.

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